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The flipside of this argument is that bloggers/djs/online radio, etc get maaaaaaaaaaad…

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UFF : Brizz Rawsteen vs DOT (Explicit)…

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Fake friends, fans and followers, why not a fake deal?…

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Movers & Shakers


YD Voted Best Midwest Artist 2014 Underground MUSIC AWARDS

Congrats to YD, who was voted "Best Midwest Artist" at the 2014 Underground MUSIC AWARDS held in New York. The competition was fierce, YD was not only victorious, he emerged as one of the new faces of the midwest and showed that Wisconsin was a force to be reckoned with!

Watch a recap of the Underground Music Awards.

For more information about YD visit his…

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St. Louis is leading the way...

When it comes to hip hop activism, entrepreneurship and even chess, St. Louis is leading the way. A city once known for artists like Nelly, Chingy and a slew of one hit wonders has now become the forefront of activism due to the international uprest caused by a litany of police killings of young black males by white officers, the most notorious, the murder of Michael Brown by Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson. But one of the most dangerous cities in the nation isn't just known for murder, it is also the home of the World Chess Hall of Fame and several world class studios and venues which is why everyone from RZA to Dr Dre's son Curtis Young is taking notice.

Pic: Adisa Banjoko (HHCF), Bea (unsignedhype.org) and RZA at the World Chess Hall of Fame to launch "Living Like Kings" and new collab between HHCF, RZA and our sister platform stlhiphop in St. Louis.

The Hapz

Bobby Shmurda Claims He’s Not Getting Paid For His Shows

Before we send you off to XXL for the skinny, I must first say this is what happens when you approach the industry from a position of ignorance. This is business and in business the only person you should trust to look out for your… Continue

Posted by unsignedhype.org on October 15, 2014 at 7:23am

Shock City Studios Kickstarter To Record Bands For Free...

As Shock City developed and started to interact with contemporary recording companies, Firley noticed a paradigm shift. "Record companies used to do your thinking for you," he explains. "When you would get signed, you'd immediately… Continue

Posted by unsignedhype.org on October 15, 2014 at 7:32am

Class Is In Session

4 Tour Horror Stories That Will Make You Cringe

Image via Lars Andersson

Picture three to six eclectic musicians (who most likely haven't showered in days) crammed into the backseat of a 20-plus year old passenger van on top of their amps, zig-zagging across the country for months at a time. What could possibly go wrong? 

Contrary to the glamourous image of major label artists, anybody who has been in a touring band knows the reality of being a traveling musician. No matter how prepared you think you are, conflict is bound to happen at some point on the road. Car problems, money problems, and personality problems are consistent issues faced by touring groups, and that's not to mention all of the freak, one-time occurrences that vary from town to town. 


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B on the Game!

Mainstream rap is product placement - Homeboy Sandman

In Part 1 of this webisode of B ON THE GAME: Homeboy Sandman explains how mainstream rap is nothing more than product…

Sebastien Elkouby: Industry Critic, Consultant & Shit Talker

Sebastien Elkouby has everyone from Billboard to MSNBC talking about his take on the industry, willingness to provide invaluable insight to independent artists (here at unsignedhype.org) and use hip hop culture as a tool to educate young people through his Global Awareness Through Hip Hop Culture Program. Knowledge is essential. Check 3 Reasons Why Rappers Need a Creative Consultant!

This Week On @SebIsHipHop

Black Sheep Dres on the Most Important Song of His Career

While “The Choice is Yours” may be Black Sheep’s defining moment, Dres’ latest song is his most important to date. “Propagation”, a tribute to his young son, finds Dres delivering a heartfelt tribute to his son and all young brothers across the world who need guidance and encouragement. I had a chance to connect with Dres via video chat to speak about his […]

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@unsignedhype @OnPlanethiphop

@unsignedhype @onplanethiphop: #LicensedToIll: JBlittzz

JBlittzz isn't your average rapper. A skilled musician, his passion transcents lyrics and delivery. Licensed to Ill had a chance to catch up with this New York based artist to talk about being a musician, his love for classics and making the most out of second chances.

Check it…

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